For the company’s first project, slovene sculptor Lučka Koščak associates with Raphael to create a 25 minutes live performance, where floor acrobatics and dance meet original clay, paper and stone statues, as well as some specific lighting design.

Here is a glimpse of their work together :

Find more on Lučka’s website :

In march 2016, Raphael Perrenoud creates his own circus company, Compagnie l’Étranger, based in Geneva.

Its aims are to promote and create original and non-commercial interdisciplinary performances.
Forged by years of nomadic life, the acrobat’s experiences taught him that « one who leaves his home behind shall never find it again » (and should not try).

Hence the name « L’étranger », meaning foreigner, a person never really at home, even in his country, even in his own house.
The one who left.

The state of loss, this feeling of nostalgia, may define and enrich the color and mood of the company’s productions.



And some other videos of the meetings between their universes: